“Mystery Man” Diary 1957

As a little treat for Guy’s loyal fans, we have decided to print Guy’s ‘Pepys St Paul’s Diary 1957,’ which we will serialise in our forthcoming newsletters. The diary was originally handwritten and is utterly charming. Guy would have been just 18 years old when he wrote it and was already working in the Midland Bank.


‘It was only on January 1st that I decided I would keep a diary for the coming year 1957. I am going to attempt to set down, briefly, the individual events of each day. It is not intended to be read by anyone, except myself to whom I give permission. If anyone should read this without my consent, he (or she) is a bloody nosey parker!!! Certain references are known only to myself and this diary is kept only for my own purposes. At school the mob used to call me the “Mystery Man” or the “Ice Man,” so mysterious I shall be, except in this diary. G.N.S’