From The Dark Hours

What lies in the dark? What stirs in the murk? What creeps and crawls in the blackness, fearful of the sun but thirsty for meat?

Lethal hauntings, murderous animals and uncanny curses rule the night, as Guy N Smith, master of pulp horror, unleashes a new set of nightmares to plague your dreams.

The tales within these pages tell of the evil in nature and the destructive psychosis of man; delusions and fever dreams from the dark hours.

Published by Sinister Horror Company, this short story anthology features Beasts of the Dark Hours, Night of the Necrophile, The Lair of the Giant Squid, The Prison Cell Door, The Shrunken Head, The Clairvoyant, The Immortals, The Big One, The Last Crab and The Taxidermist. Available on Amazon in paperback and ebook formats.