The Casebook of Raymond Odell

Mystery and horror from the Golden Age of detective fiction.

Today modern technology plays a major role in the solving of crimes and mysteries.
Yet this was not so half a century ago and often the police failed in their efforts to solve cases.

This was when a victim of crime called in a private detective who had less restrictions to hinder his investigations. Such was Raymond Odell and his young assistant Tommy Bourne. Their cases were many and varied, ranging from murder, robbery and fraud to the occasional brush with the occult.

Danger lurked in numerous investigations, but most were brought to a successful conclusion. Both petty and master criminals were brought to justice by a process of good old-fashioned deduction and perseverance.

From the mind of horror legend Guy N. Smith, and collected together for the first time in one volume, are the cases of Raymond Odell, the famous Dover Street detective. Published by Sinister Horror Company, the anthology features thirteen stories including some never-before published and the brand-new tale ‘The Poisoners’. Available on Amazon in paperback and ebook formats.