The Knighton Vampires

“The Knighton Vampires” is a horror novel by Guy N. Smith, published in 1990. Smith, renowned for his prolific and varied contributions to the horror genre, delves into the classic vampire mythos with his unique twist in this book.

Plot Summary

“The Knighton Vampires” is set in the rural town of Knighton, which becomes the epicenter of a terrifying vampire outbreak. The story begins with a series of mysterious deaths and disappearances, leading the townsfolk to suspect that something sinister is afoot. The protagonist, often a local resident or newcomer with a particular interest in the occult or local history, starts investigating these strange occurrences.

As the investigation deepens, it becomes clear that the town is under siege by vampires. These aren’t the romanticized versions often seen in popular culture but are depicted as truly monstrous and malevolent beings. The protagonist, along with a few allies, must uncover the origins of the vampire infestation and find a way to stop it before the entire town is consumed by the undead.

The plot weaves through various encounters with the vampires, the uncovering of old secrets, and the desperate fight for survival. The small, tight-knit community of Knighton becomes a battleground, with the protagonist facing not only the external threat of the vampires but also internal conflicts as fear and paranoia grip the townspeople.

Themes and Style

  • Classic Vampire Horror: Smith taps into the traditional vampire lore, presenting the creatures as formidable and terrifying predators.
  • Rural Setting: The novel uses the isolated, rural town of Knighton to enhance the sense of claustrophobia and vulnerability, a common setting in Smith’s works that adds to the horror.
  • Investigation and Survival: The narrative combines elements of mystery and survival, as the protagonist pieces together the truth behind the vampire outbreak while trying to survive their attacks.
  • Atmospheric and Tense: Smith is known for creating a gripping atmosphere, and “The Knighton Vampires” is no exception, with its dark, eerie setting and suspenseful plot developments.


“The Knighton Vampires” was generally well-received by fans of Guy N. Smith and horror aficionados. Readers appreciated Smith’s return to a classic horror monster, the vampire, while injecting his own style and tension into the story. The novel’s atmospheric writing and relentless pace were particularly noted as strengths.

Author Background

Guy N. Smith (1939-2020) was a British author famous for his horror fiction. He wrote over 100 novels throughout his career, often exploring themes of the supernatural, the macabre, and the grotesque. Smith’s works have garnered a cult following for their gripping narratives and unique takes on horror tropes.


“The Knighton Vampires” stands out as a notable entry in Guy N. Smith’s extensive bibliography. Its focus on classic vampire horror, combined with Smith’s talent for creating suspenseful and atmospheric stories, ensures its place as a memorable and chilling read for fans of the genre. The novel continues to be appreciated by readers who enjoy traditional horror stories with a modern twist.