The Eighth Day

“The Eighth Day” is a horror novel by Guy N. Smith, first published in 1984. Known for his prolific output and mastery of the horror genre, Smith delivers a gripping tale that combines apocalyptic themes with supernatural horror.

Plot Summary

In “The Eighth Day,” the world is plunged into chaos as a series of catastrophic events unfold, heralding the end of days. The story centers around a small group of survivors who must navigate a world in turmoil, where natural disasters, plagues, and societal collapse become the new reality.

As the days pass and the situation grows more dire, the survivors begin to realize that the calamities they are witnessing are not just random occurrences but part of a larger, more sinister plan. The apocalypse is being driven by a malevolent force with a dark purpose: to bring about the final day of reckoning, known as “The Eighth Day.”

The protagonist, along with a group of determined allies, must uncover the truth behind the apocalyptic events and find a way to stop the evil force before the eighth day arrives. Their journey takes them through a landscape of horror and despair, where they must confront their deepest fears and the ultimate evil.

Themes and Style

  • Apocalyptic Horror: “The Eighth Day” explores themes of the apocalypse, societal collapse, and the end of the world, with a focus on the supernatural forces driving these events.
  • Survival and Desperation: The novel delves into the struggles of the survivors as they navigate a world in chaos, highlighting themes of survival, desperation, and human resilience.
  • Supernatural Evil: Central to the story is the concept of a malevolent force orchestrating the apocalyptic events, adding a layer of supernatural horror to the narrative.
  • Suspense and Tension: Smith creates a suspenseful and tense atmosphere throughout the novel, keeping readers on the edge of their seats as the protagonists race against time to prevent the ultimate disaster.


“The Eighth Day” received positive reviews from readers and critics who praised its intense atmosphere, compelling plot, and effective blend of apocalyptic and supernatural horror. The novel’s exploration of end-of-the-world scenarios and its fast-paced narrative resonated with audiences, making it a memorable entry in Smith’s body of work.

Author Background

Guy N. Smith (1939-2020) was a British author known for his horror fiction. Over his prolific career, he wrote more than 100 novels, often featuring elements of the supernatural, the macabre, and the grotesque. Smith’s works have garnered a cult following, particularly his “Crabs” series and other horror stories.


“The Eighth Day” remains a notable entry in Guy N. Smith’s extensive bibliography, showcasing his ability to craft engaging and terrifying apocalyptic narratives. The novel continues to be appreciated by readers who enjoy horror stories that combine supernatural elements with the themes of survival and the end of the world.