The Camp

“The Camp” is a horror novel by Guy N. Smith, first published in 1989. It’s one of Smith’s standalone works, known for its blend of suspense, mystery, and grisly horror.

Plot Summary

“The Camp” centers on a couple enduring one of the longest and hottest summers on record, yet they feel trapped in a house by a relentless snowstorm that mirrors the unending heat. With no food and a constant fear of being attacked by marauding looters, they find themselves in a dire situation. Outside, oblivious families continue their carefree activities, unaware of the couple’s struggle. Desperation drives them to attempt an escape, leading them into a horrifying ordeal. What sinister events are befalling some of the “campers,” and how is this linked to a covert government department?

Themes and Style

  • Survival Horror: “The Camp” explores themes of survival, fear, and the fight against overwhelming odds, as the characters grapple with the terrifying threat lurking in the forest.
  • Mystery and Suspense: The novel is characterised by its suspenseful plot and mysterious atmosphere, as the characters unravel the secrets of the forest and confront the ancient evil that lies within it.
  • Action and Adventure: Smith incorporates elements of action and adventure into the story, with the protagonist and his allies embarking on a perilous journey to uncover the truth and confront the evil that threatens to consume them.


“The Camp” received generally positive reviews from readers and critics, who praised its atmospheric setting, gripping plot, and memorable characters. The novel’s blend of horror, mystery, and survival suspense resonated with audiences, making it a standout entry in Smith’s bibliography.

Author Background

Guy N. Smith (1939-2020) was a British author known primarily for his horror fiction. With over 100 novels to his name, Smith’s works often featured elements of the supernatural, the macabre, and the grotesque. He gained widespread recognition for his ability to craft thrilling and suspenseful horror narratives.


“The Camp” remains a beloved standalone novel in Smith’s body of work, offering readers a chilling and atmospheric tale of survival horror. Its enduring popularity speaks to Smith’s talent for creating compelling narratives that blend horror, suspense, and supernatural elements in equal measure.