Killer Crabs – The Return

“Killer Crabs – The Return” is a horror novel by Guy N. Smith, first published in 2012. It is part of the “Killer Crabs” series, which is known for its blend of horror, suspense, and ecological themes, featuring giant, mutated crabs terrorising coastal communities.

Plot Summary

In the annals of horror, few events have left a mark as indelible as the harrowing Crab attacks that ravaged Australia’s Great Barrier Reef in 1978. Among the tragic casualties was Harvey Logan, renowned big-game hunter, whose demise served as a grim reminder of the ferocity of these monstrous crustaceans. While the world believed the threat had been eradicated, Harvey’s son, Brock, harbored a chilling certainty—that the Crabs would one day rise from the depths to unleash another wave of bloody carnage upon humanity.

For three long decades, Brock bided his time, fueled by a thirst for vengeance and a singular desire to claim a Crab trophy for his collection. As a seasoned hunter in his own right, he honed his skills and prepared for the inevitable return of the oceanic horrors that had claimed his father’s life. With unwavering determination, Brock awaited the resurgence of the Crabs, knowing that when they did, his hunt would begin in earnest.

When the Crabs reemerged, this time on the Solway Firth, Brock’s long-awaited reckoning commenced. Armed with his arsenal of weapons and fueled by a burning desire for justice, he embarked on a perilous quest to confront the creatures that had haunted his nightmares for decades. Yet, as he delves deeper into the heart of darkness that envelops the coastal waters, Brock soon realizes that the true extent of the Crabs’ malevolence far surpasses anything he could have imagined.

In this pulse-pounding tale of revenge and redemption, author [Author Name] masterfully crafts a narrative that grips readers from the very first page, propelling them into a world where humanity’s darkest fears have become chillingly real. As Brock’s hunt unfolds amidst a backdrop of escalating horror and heart-stopping suspense, readers are drawn into a desperate struggle for survival against an ancient evil that threatens to consume them all.

With its relentless pacing, visceral imagery, and spine-tingling twists, “The Crab’s Revenge” delivers an unforgettable thrill ride that will leave readers breathless and clamouring for more. As Brock confronts the horrors of his past and battles against impossible odds, he becomes a symbol of resilience and determination in the face of unimaginable terror—a hero whose quest for vengeance may ultimately cost him everything.

Themes and Style

  • Nature’s Revenge: “Killer Crabs – The Return” continues the series’ exploration of nature turning against humanity, with the mutated crabs representing the ecological consequences of human negligence.
  • Action and Suspense: The novel is characterised by its fast-paced action sequences and suspenseful encounters with the giant crabs, keeping readers on the edge of their seats throughout.
  • Environmental Commentary: Like other books in the series, “Killer Crabs – The Return” incorporates themes of environmental destruction and the consequences of pollution, reflecting Smith’s concerns about the state of the natural world.


“Killer Crabs – The Return” received generally positive reviews from fans of the series and readers of horror fiction. The novel’s blend of thrilling action, gruesome horror, and ecological commentary resonated with audiences, making it a standout entry in the “Killer Crabs” series.

Author Background

Guy N. Smith (1939-2020) was a British author known primarily for his horror fiction. With over 100 novels to his name, Smith’s works often feature elements of the supernatural, the macabre, and the grotesque. He gained widespread recognition for his “Crabs” series, which became a cult classic among horror enthusiasts.


“Killer Crabs – The Return” remains a beloved instalment in the “Killer Crabs” series, offering fans of creature-feature horror another thrilling and action-packed adventure. The novel’s enduring popularity speaks to Guy N. Smith’s talent for creating memorable and terrifying tales of ecological terror.