“Entombed” is a horror novel by Guy N. Smith, published in 1981. It’s one of Smith’s many works in the horror genre, known for its blend of suspense, supernatural elements, and grisly imagery.

Plot Summary

In “Entombed,” Simon Rankin, a struggling priest grappling with faith amidst personal turmoil, finds himself thrust into a realm of darkness and uncertainty. Haunted by the loss of his wife and estrangement from his children, Rankin’s latest mission to cleanse a demon-infested mansion becomes a crucible for his wavering beliefs.

As the exorcism unravels and doubt gnaws at his resolve, Rankin questions the strength of his faith and the efficacy of his methods. Did he truly believe? Did he wield holy water or mere tap water in his rites? Such questions linger as he navigates a world teetering on the brink of supernatural chaos.

Enter Andrea, a woman whose chance encounter with Rankin sets the stage for a whirlwind romance fueled by passion and intrigue. In a twist of fate, she becomes his benefactor, offering sustenance, shelter, and her own brand of enlightenment. Together, they embark on a holy crusade to vanquish a demonic force lurking within a long-forgotten mine, plunging headlong into a labyrinth of madness and malevolence.

Author Guy N. Smith, renowned for his mastery of horror, delivers another adrenaline-fueled thrill ride with “Entombed.” True to form, Smith’s narrative is succinct and gripping, weaving a tapestry of occult intrigue and spine-tingling suspense. Yet, amidst the chaos, the story’s disparate elements—satanic cults, eerie children, spectral apparitions, and ravenous beasts—coalesce in a dizzying blend of terror and excitement.

While “Entombed” may not aspire to lofty heights of literary acclaim, it serves as a deliciously indulgent treat for horror enthusiasts—a guilty pleasure akin to a fast-food feast for the mind. Embrace the madness, suspend disbelief, and immerse yourself in the chaos; for in the world of Guy N. Smith, anything is possible, and the thrill of the ride is its own reward.

Themes and Style

  • Supernatural Horror: “Entombed” explores themes of the supernatural, with ancient evil and malevolent spirits serving as the central antagonists of the story.
  • Atmospheric Setting: Smith creates a dark and foreboding atmosphere within the abandoned mine, with its claustrophobic tunnels and eerie silence adding to the sense of terror and unease experienced by the protagonist.
  • Psychological Suspense: The novel delves into the psyche of the protagonist as he grapples with his own fears and vulnerabilities in the face of overwhelming supernatural forces.


“Entombed” received generally positive reviews from readers and critics, who praised its atmospheric setting, suspenseful plot, and memorable characters. The novel’s blend of horror and psychological suspense resonated with audiences, making it a standout entry in Smith’s bibliography.

Author Background

Guy N. Smith (1939-2020) was a British author known primarily for his horror fiction. With over 100 novels to his name, Smith’s works often feature elements of the supernatural, the macabre, and the grotesque. He gained widespread recognition for his “Crabs” series, which became a cult classic among horror enthusiasts.


“Entombed” remains a classic example of Guy N. Smith’s talent for crafting chilling and atmospheric horror narratives. While it may not be as well-known as some of his other works, it offers readers a compelling journey into the realm of supernatural terror, showcasing Smith’s ability to create suspenseful and unsettling storytelling.