Crabs on the Rampage

“Crabs on the Rampage” is the fifth instalment in the “Crabs” series by Guy N. Smith, published in 1981. This series is renowned for its blend of horror, suspense, and ecological themes, featuring giant, mutated crabs wreaking havoc on unsuspecting coastal communities.

Plot Summary

In “Crabs on the Rampage,” the monstrous crabs return to terrorize the shores of Britain once again. Following the events of the previous books, where the crabs have grown larger and more aggressive due to exposure to toxic waste, they embark on a rampage of destruction along the coastline.

The novel follows various characters as they encounter the deadly crabs and struggle to survive the onslaught. From fishermen to vacationers, each person becomes a potential victim of the relentless creatures. As the crabs multiply and spread, authorities scramble to contain the threat, but the sheer size and ferocity of the crabs make them nearly impossible to stop.

Amidst the chaos and carnage, a group of determined individuals band together to fight back against the crabs. Armed with whatever weapons they can find, they launch a desperate battle to protect their homes and loved ones from the monstrous invaders.

Themes and Style

  • Nature’s Revenge: “Crabs on the Rampage” continues the series’ exploration of nature turning against humanity, with the mutated crabs representing the ecological consequences of human negligence.
  • Action and Suspense: The novel is characterized by its fast-paced action sequences and suspenseful encounters with the giant crabs, keeping readers on the edge of their seats throughout.
  • Environmental Commentary: Like other books in the series, “Crabs on the Rampage” incorporates themes of environmental destruction and the consequences of pollution, reflecting Smith’s concerns about the state of the natural world.


“Crabs on the Rampage” received generally positive reviews from fans of the series and readers of horror fiction. The novel’s blend of thrilling action, gruesome horror, and ecological commentary resonated with audiences, making it a standout entry in the “Crabs” series.

Author Background

Guy N. Smith (1939-2020) was a British author known primarily for his horror fiction. With over 100 novels to his name, Smith’s works often feature elements of the supernatural, the macabre, and the grotesque. He gained widespread recognition for his “Crabs” series, which became a cult classic among horror enthusiasts.


“Crabs on the Rampage” remains a beloved installment in the “Crabs” series, offering fans of creature-feature horror another thrilling and action-packed adventure. The novel’s enduring popularity speaks to Guy N. Smith’s talent for creating memorable and terrifying tales of ecological terror.