The Sucking Pit

“The Sucking Pit” revolves around the eerie events surrounding a mysterious and deadly bog located in the remote countryside. This bog, referred to as the sucking pit, is notorious for its ability to swallow anything that ventures too close, hence the name. The story centers on a young woman named Jenny Lawson, who inherits a farm near the bog from her uncle, Angus.

Upon moving to the farm, Jenny encounters a series of strange and terrifying events linked to the bog. The local villagers harbour dark superstitions about the pit, believing it to be cursed and haunted by malevolent spirits. As Jenny delves deeper into the history of the pit and the surrounding area, she uncovers disturbing secrets about her uncle and the sinister forces at play.

“The Sucking Pit” received mixed reviews upon its release. Some readers praised its chilling atmosphere and effective horror elements, while others criticized it for being overly graphic or formulaic. Despite this, it has maintained a cult following among fans of horror fiction and remains a notable entry in Guy N. Smith’s extensive bibliography.