“Alligators” is another horror novel by Guy N. Smith, published in 1981. Known for his ability to transform seemingly ordinary creatures into sources of terror, Smith employs his signature style in this novel to create a gripping and thrilling read.

Plot Summary

Four animal rights activists break into their local zoo and liberate all the alligators from the Reptile House. However, their well-intentioned act quickly turns tragic as two of them are devoured by aggressive Amazonian caimans. The caimans then escape into the surrounding countryside, posing a significant threat to the local community.

One of the surviving activists, overwhelmed by guilt and fear, confesses everything to the local veterinarian, who has been enlisted in the effort to recapture the rogue reptiles. As the closest thing to an expert on the creatures, the vet faces a daunting challenge: the police and the army are determined to shoot the alligators to eliminate the danger, while he believes the animals should be tranquilized and safely returned to the zoo.

Caught between the activists’ original mission, the public’s safety, and his own ethical stance on animal treatment, the vet navigates a tense and dangerous hunt. This gripping tale explores the unintended consequences of misguided activism and the moral complexities involved in handling wildlife, keeping readers on the edge of their seats as the dramatic pursuit unfolds.

Themes and Style

  • Man vs. Nature: A common theme in Smith’s work, this novel explores the consequences of human interference with nature, showing how attempts to control and manipulate the environment can backfire catastrophically.
  • Survival Horror: The story is filled with intense, fast-paced scenes of characters struggling to survive against the relentless onslaught of the alligators.
  • Ecological Disaster: The narrative touches on the unintended consequences of scientific experimentation and environmental tampering.


“Alligators” received mixed reviews, with some readers enjoying the straightforward horror and action, while others found it formulaic. Nevertheless, fans of Guy N. Smith’s other creature-feature novels appreciated its thrilling and terrifying elements.

Author Background

Guy N. Smith was a prolific British author, best known for his horror fiction featuring various killer creatures. His novels, including the popular “Crabs” series, often depicted nature turning against humans in gruesome and thrilling ways. Smith’s ability to create suspenseful and entertaining horror stories has earned him a loyal following among fans of the genre.


While “Alligators” may not be as famous as Smith’s “Crabs” series, it exemplifies his talent for turning natural predators into sources of horror. The novel remains a part of his extensive body of work, continuing to attract readers who enjoy his unique brand of creature horror.

Overall, “Alligators” is a classic Guy N. Smith novel, offering readers a mix of ecological cautionary tale and intense survival horror.