Satanic Armageddon

The forces of evil, led by Satan’s disciple, were massing worldwide to overthrow democracy.

Throughout the UK and Europe the forces of evil were gathering to destroy democracy. 

Bombs, shootings, vehicles mowing down unsuspecting pedestrians in the streets. Death and destruction were rife.

Military and police were stretched. A terrorist, reputed to have a connection with the Dark Powers, was organising a massive army of fanatical murderers. He had to be located and killed before sheer evil ruled the world. 

There was one man who just might be able to achieve this, John Mayo, known as the Man in the Black Fedora. He is summoned out of retirement by Counter Terrorism Command and given the task of achieving a seemingly impossible mission against overwhelming odds.

Published in 2021 by Sinister Horror Company, Satanic Armageddon was Guy’s last novel. Available on Amazon in paperback and ebook formats.