Werewolf Omnibus

Are werewolves simply folklore or have they existed at some stage in the distant past?

Lycanthropy is known to be a mental condition where the sufferer believes himself to be a wolf and embarks upon a psychotic rampage. So perhaps there’s some truth in the age-old legends. The Black Hill in South Shropshire is a dark forest where legend becomes reality. As well as werewolves seeking human prey, the hills hold tales of the black dogs. A sighting of these spectral canines is a harbinger of death. Gordon Hall, the sporting tenant, finds himself caught up in these ancient horrors and is determined to destroy them once and for all. Both his life and his soul are at risk.

Sinister Horror Company’s Werewolf Omnibus collects together three vintage novels from the master of pulp horror, Guy N. Smith: Werewolf By Moonlight (1974), Return Of The Werewolf (1977) and The Son Of The Werewolf (1978), alongside a new short story, Spawn Of The Werewolf. Available on Amazon in paperback and ebook formats.